It’s Cold

January 11, 2022

I had the day off yesterday (took a personal day) and I did nothing. I’m talking absolutely nothing!!!!

I did venture out to the gym and walked on the treadmill for a couple miles. And I bought some liquid stuff for a clogged pipe.

Okay, I did do some things, but other than that I didn’t do much else. I may have gotten up from the couch to use the bathroom. But I played some video games, watched some television and read a few articles. But I didn’t allow myself to think about work or any world problems.

I feel wonderful today. I think I need to take more week days off.

It Starts with a Cleanse

January 5, 2022

I’ve been feeling blah health wise. Not anything major, although my BP has been wacky lately, but I’m on medication for it. My doctor thinks it’s just been all related to weight gain (the holidays–and just poor eating choices overall–I love chips and all kinds of salty things) as well as holiday stress, poor sleeping habits, not enough exercise all those things. He wants to re-check me in a month.

One of my friends suggested this cleanse diet. It goes for two weeks. The regimen eliminates gluten, sugar, caffeine, starchy vegetables, carbs, and alcohol. So all the good stuff. Lots of protein and green leafy veggies. A couple days in, I’m beginning to like it. Not sure why just the two weeks, because I can see myself going longer (except for wine, vodka tonics and beer–I’ll slowly incorporate those back in wink wink). Maybe two weeks because of that old adage “after two weeks it becomes habit”.

This cleanse has also brought about a total cleansing? Cleaning and purging and dropping some negativity from my life. I’m gonna make 2022 my year!

Happy Holidays

December 25, 2021

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Thank you for being here! Thank you for the laughs! Thank you for the virtual, but real friendship!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Humble Brag

December 21, 2021

Was there jealousy in my annoyance at a friend’s post on social media regarding his holiday vacation in a warm tropical place? Perhaps. But if I were in a financial position, I don’t know if I would have posted the way he did. Yes, I would have said that I made it to the islands, however, I wouldn’t have bitched about it. I would have been more grateful.

He posted that he was so exhausted after all the flights, the flight delays, the airport shuttle and that checking in took so long, that he and family had to wait for their luggage to change because there were not enough bell hops to bring it up immediately. It’s to that person I want to say “Bah humbug”.

This rant was then followed by pictures titled “my view now”. Along with room service trays of seafood and other pastries. But of course ending with “awaiting my luggage so I can take a shower”.

Ugh. Do I need new friends?

An Awful Bite

December 13, 2021

I was enjoying a home made salad that I created myself. Just simple salad greens, ranch dressing, croutons and those fried crispy onion rings. If I had some left over bacon (which I almost never do because I eat bacon like it’s going out of style), I would have topped it with that as well.

I enjoy salad toppings and dressing more than I actually enjoy the lettuce or spinach I use to make it. There’s something about a good crouton (the Texas toast ones are the best) and dressing that keeps me eating a salad. To be honest, the dressing and croutons eradicate the health benefits of a salad.

Well, I was eating the said salad when I bit into a rotten piece of lettuce/carrot/radish. The taste was so awful. And the taste has remained in my mouth (probably more my psyche) even after brushing my teeth. Ugh.

Screaming in my Head

December 6, 2021

The holidays this year is going to be a lot for me. People keep telling me that. I know it will be. Thanksgiving was difficult. It’s my first set of holidays without my beloved E. The person who along with my family made my holidays special. But the constant reminder from concerned loved ones makes me scream in my head!

I have been replying with assuredly that “I’m fine”. When inside my head I’m screaming “I’m not! I miss him more each day that passes”. I sometimes wake up thinking he’s still here beside me, only to realize it’s one of the fur babies who has climbed up beside me.

I know that it will get easier. I realize this. There are some days when it is an easy day. A day when I realize that he’s better off, with his parents and other friends who have passed before him. Days when I get through it without a crying breakdown. So I know that I will get through it.

But there are moments like yesterday when a text from out of the blue asked if I wanted to come over for Christmas dinner because “the holiday will be difficult for you and I just want to make sure you aren’t alone”. I shouldn’t complain. It’s a loving gesture and a caring friend who has always been there for the both of us. But when it was presented that way, it made me scream loudly and my head explode.

Happy Thanksgiving

November 24, 2021

I wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving.

I am thankful that I found all your blogs this year and returned to reading old ones. This year has been extremely difficulty for me and reading your posts and comments have made my grief easier to bear.

I am thankfull for the virtual hugs and love and hugs you have sent my way!

Hugs to all of you!

Where Have All My Comments Gone

November 13, 2021

I swear I commented on many blogs yesteday. I checked today and they aren’t there? Did I dream this? I think not.

I also have a little bit of a beef with blogspot. I have commneted on several today and when I hit publish, it says something like “whoops, looks like something went wrong”. Hell yes something went wrong, you lost my comment and didn’t publish it.

This is not good for my relaxing weekend!! UGH!

Freeze Miser

November 4, 2021

Two days in a row I have woken up to temperatures in the 30s. I knew it would inevitably happen, after all I live in Ohio. The last two winters have been pretty mild. Of course last year I didn’t really have to travel all that much, I am working from home. So I only had to venture out for groceries. Last year also, when the roads were horrible (I have a fear of sliding into a ditch), my partner always drove. He didn’t mind driving in the snow and in fact loved the snow.

This time of year because of Christmas and Thanksgiving, are generally my favorite time of the year. This year will be a struggle. He’s not here anymore. And our beloved dog joined in him July after battling renal failure. I know they are together because both were such good people. They are laughing, running and chasing one another in green fields.

I will get through it. I have a strong support system and family plan to surround me so that I am not alone. One of my really good friends is having a Friendsgiving dinner, so there will be laughter and lots of food. I like the Thanksgiving sides much more than I like the actual turkey. I could eat stuffing for days. And another friend has invited me to dine with her family on actual Thanksgiving day. I’ll be fat!!

I did start this Couch to 5K regimen. So far, so good. Although that first week, I was challenged. I use to run, so I don’t know what happened that got me so out of shape. But here’s to getting in shape before the holidays and getting out of shape during!!!

Ummm…what’s wrong with people

October 21, 2021

I just read the article about a woman being raped by a man on a train, while witnesses either looked away or else allegedly pulled out their phones and filmed it? What the actual hell? I may be small, without muscle, but I certainly would have gotten up and said something. I realize that the perpetrator may have had a gun or some other weapon but my goodness!! This whole “do nothing, say nothing” attitude has to stop! What happened to good samaritans? How about keeping your community safe? This is both infuriating and heartbreaking.

What has become of humanity that we can look the other way while a fellow human being is hurt?

I have no more to say on this subject.